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At The Mercy Ministries in Georgia, dedicated health care providers are “putting God’s love into action by providing health care services to those in need.” And they’re working with some of the most vulnerable in their community – uninsured adults with chronic disease.

With two locations in rural communities, The Mercy Ministries serve over 650 individuals every year. Adults in the counties they serve are almost twice as likely to be uninsured as the state average, 70% are living with diabetes and few have the resources to access the specialty care they need.

Regionally, little specialty care even exists. Which means patients who need more advanced care have to drive hours, expending time and money that few have.

That’s where MAVEN Project comes in.

“Access to MAVEN Project’s specialists is so fast,” noted Clint Hutcheson, Executive Director of The Mercy Ministries. “Our providers want to keep patients out of the hospital, but the complex nature of patients’ conditions can be tough to navigate. MAVEN Project volunteers have opened up a world of expertise to our providers. I feel like The Mercy Ministries went from a handful of providers to nearly 100!”

The impact of The Mercy Ministries in rural Georgia is undeniable. So far this year, they’ve distributed over $1.5 worth of medication assistance. And volunteers have logged $40,000 worth of work.

But like many other providers at free and charitable clinics, the work can be daunting. And lonely. That’s why many of their providers take advantage of the mentorship component of MAVEN Project.

“My mentor has been a God-send,” added Shana Hutto, Nurse Practitioner at The Mercy Ministries. “I have a license in acute care but felt out of my element when I started at the clinic. Not only do I feel more confident after working with my mentor, but access to MAVEN Project expert physician volunteer allows me to continue care without the interruption that often comes from specialty care in rural areas. Plus, every consult I have teaches me something I can use in the future. The value is indescribable.”

Hutto believes so strongly in the benefits of access to MAVEN Project that she’s dedicating part of her salary to the clinic to ensure it can continue in the future. She has experienced firsthand how passionate and knowledgeable volunteers are.

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