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The dedicated health care providers at Jemez Comprehensive Health Center (JCHC) are now fully equipped to address a diverse range of health-related issues by partnering with MAVEN Project, a national nonprofit dedicated to broadening access to specialty care. Thanks to the generous support of The MolinaCares Accord, MAVEN Project’s expert physician volunteers will provide consultation, mentoring, and education to the health center’s primary care providers via telehealth.

“It is extremely challenging getting patients in to specialists in our area,” shared Dawn Dozhier, PA-C and interim medical director at JCHC. “Making an appointment with a rheumatologist, for instance, make take a year. But now with MAVEN Project, we have specialty consults at our fingertips.”

Situated near Santa Fe National Forest in rural New Mexico, JCHC is operated by the Pueblo of Jemez tribe and provides medical care, behavioral health services, dental care, optometry, pharmacy services and more. In response to local demand, JCHC also boasts a robust diabetes program, providing individualized patient care to high-risk patients in collaboration with the clinic’s providers.

The need for access to quality care in this region is immense. Three quarters of JCHC’s patients fall at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, and 85% are Native. The medical clinic alone facilitates 7,000 visits annually, providing community residents much-needed care for health conditions ranging from hypertension to alcohol use disorder.

“With the addition of MAVEN Project, our providers can access one-on-one mentoring and continuing medical education that will be invaluable,” Dozhier added. “The medical consults are immeasurably beneficial to patients as well, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to partner with the expert physician volunteers at MAVEN Project.”

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