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At Family Health Partnership Clinic (FHPC) in suburban Chicago, MAVEN Project’s physician volunteers are supporting providers in treating patients thanks to a generous grant from the VNA Foundation and the Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

For instance, MAVEN Project helped Family Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Glombicki identify a gynecological cancer in a patient that might have otherwise gone undiagnosed. Without an OB-GYN’s eyes and expertise, the patient’s symptoms could have appeared minor. But thanks to a consult with a MAVEN Project physician, the patient was tested immediately and diagnosed early. After treatment, the patient was on their way to recovery.

“This additional avenue to solicit expert feedback is invaluable,” Glombicki said. “Their guidance has saved a lot of patients from ending up in the emergency room. And when a patient does require an outside referral, MAVEN Project’s consults ensure we can secure lab and imaging results to make the most of their first outside appointment.”

A nonprofit clinic, FHPC cares for uninsured adults, most of whom are Spanish speakers. Clinical Manager and RN Erin Kemp noted that the clinic has occasional access to specialists, but the need—particularly for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and mental health challenges—exceeds this limited supply.

“Our providers often use MAVEN Project’s experts for assistance with cardiology questions,” Kemp shared. “Whether we need to interpret an EKG or determine which patient requires an outside referral, it’s so helpful to get answers right away, rather than waiting three months for a specialist appointment and burdening the patient with both outside costs and paperwork.”

Glombicki also noted that MAVEN Project’s continuing medical education is especially beneficial.

“I’ve attended courses on drug-resistant hypertension, renal diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and more,” she said. “I appreciate the detailed slides that I can print and refer back to whenever a patient presents with relevant issues. Plus, the presentations are always so current on medical advancements. I always learn new things.”

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