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Martine Solages, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician, general psychiatrist, and child and adolescent psychiatrist currently serving as a senior medical officer in the federal government. Despite her multifaceted career, she generously contributes her time and expertise to health care providers through MAVEN Project.

With training in both general pediatrics and psychiatry for children and adolescents, Dr. Solages’s experience in primary care, hospital, and nonclinical settings is invaluable to providers across MAVEN Project’s network. As anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions climb at alarming rates among children and youth nationwide, Dr. Solages’s specialties are virtual lifelines for underserved families whose only resource for health care is safety net clinics.

“Volunteering with MAVEN Project keeps me connected to medicine so I’m able to stay current on what’s happening with patients,” she said. “I love knowing what questions are coming up and being able to help health care professionals problem-solve. I can share resources that many providers aren’t aware of and help them determine whether they can treat the patient in their current medical home or if they need an outside referral.”

Before entering government service, Dr. Solages was on the faculty of Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, where she served as associate director of the Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program. She has also delivered integrated mental health services in pediatric primary care clinics.

Outside of medical settings, Dr. Solages served as president of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society of Greater Washington. She twice received the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Children’s National and continues to enjoy teaching medical students and psychiatry trainees.

At MAVEN Project, Dr. Solages both consults with frontline providers and leads continuing medical education (CME) sessions. Her expertise has informed even clinicians who only treat adults, who praise how comprehensive and transferable her knowledge is.

“There’s so much I enjoy about volunteering with MAVEN Project, including the engaged audiences at CME sessions,” Dr. Solages noted. “They ask great questions, and it’s such an impactful way to help providers increase their capacity. I also appreciate the opportunities MAVEN Project offers to network with other volunteers and learn from them.”

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