Our History

A nonprofit created to leverage the expertise and volunteer spirit of retired physicians to address inequities in health care.

The Story of MAVEN Project

How we started, and what we’ve built.

MAVEN Project began in 2014 during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) . Founder and renowned physician Dr. Laurie Green recognized that while the landmark legislation vastly improved access to health insurance, it could not guarantee access to care.

Meanwhile, still years before the COVID-19 pandemic, the health care field faced persistent shortages and burnout among medical workers as well as a rising need for telehealth capabilities.

Where  these issues converged, Dr. Green saw an opportunity. MAVEN Project’s earliest objectives were to support the phase-in of the ACA, establish a telemedicine platform, and build a national network of leading medical school alumni associations. (The acronym MAVEN stands for Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network.)

These efforts have amassed a coalition of active and retired physicians with diverse specialties who are united in their determination to serve frontline clinics in under-resourced communities. MAVEN Project facilitates this connection, resulting in clinic providers feeling empowered to deliver care and patients receiving customized, comprehensive treatment.

In under a decade, MAVEN Project now serves a growing network of safety net clinics and health centers across 21 states and Puerto Rico.

Our Values

Our work is rooted in four core principles:


We develop solutions based on input from our health care partners and each other.


We encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from experience, and strive to deliver the best outcomes.


We recognize systemic inequities in access to health care and target our support toward those facing the most significant barriers, especially Black, Latinx , Indigenous, and low-income patients .


We treat everyone with dignity and seek out diverse perspectives.

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