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In New Mexico’s rural Hidalgo County, Hidalgo Medical Services is the only provider of medical care. Founded in 1980, the clinic now serves 16,000 patients annually in Hidalgo and Grant Counties with support from the expert physician volunteers at MAVEN Project.

Thanks to a generous grant from The MolinaCares Accord, Hidalgo’s providers are making the most of MAVEN Project’s robust consultation, mentoring, and continuing education offerings.

“MAVEN Project has been great clinically,” shared Isaac Saucedo, PA, Hidalgo’s chief medical officer. “Their guidance is helping providers make decisions more quickly and ensure patients don’t have to drive up to four hours to reach a specialist. Many of our providers are taking advantage of the resource, and they’re consistently blown away by the value MAVEN Project provides.” HMS Administration has been very supportive of MAVEN Project as it helps fulfill the mission of the organization or providing high quality care.

Offering everything from primary and dental care to behavioral health and home visits, Hidalgo strives to give back to the communities they serve. With a broad range of patients and 16 clinic sites, Hidalgo serves all, regardless of their ability to pay.

“MAVEN Project makes things so much easier,” added Tiffany Maxey, PA. “I can send questions whenever it’s convenient for me, and consult answers always come back so fast. It doesn’t take away from my time in the clinic. Plus, it means my patients don’t have to drive hours for a consult.”

In addition to medical guidance, Hidalgo’s frontline providers equally value mentorship from MAVEN Project’s physician volunteers.

“I’m new to my role as CMO, so I signed up for mentoring with MAVEN Project,” Saucedo said. “It’s really a whole other level and I’m enjoying it so much. I love being a

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