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Supporting Access to Specialty Medical Advice and Training at 10 Health Clinic Sites

MAVEN Project is partnering with The MolinaCares Accord (“MolinaCares”) to expand access to high-quality, specialty health care for medically underserved and marginalized populations. The MolinaCares grant of $75,000 will fund year-long access to MAVEN Project’s services for 10 clinic sites in California.

Frontline clinic providers will benefit from unlimited access to MAVEN Project’s full suite of telehealth services delivered by a dedicated corps of expert physician volunteers who average 35+ years of clinical experience. Many volunteers are alumni of some of the premier medical schools and medical institutions in the nation.

“In a state where one in five individuals are served by community health centers, we’re thrilled to be expanding our presence,” said David Segal, CEO of MAVEN Project. “Despite the progress that has been made, significant health care barriers still exist, especially for those in rural areas, minority communities and those living in poverty.”

MAVEN Project connects frontline providers with a network of expert physician volunteers for ongoing medical consultations, education, and 1:1 mentoring. Volunteers empower primary care providers with the knowledge and confidence to treat complex patients where they’re already receiving care. This rapid access to world-class specialists helps patients avoid long wait times and travel costs often associated with access to specialty care. MAVEN Project offers consultations for nearly 60 specialties, ranging from mental and behavioral health to pain management, oncology and endocrinology.

“MolinaCares is excited to partner with the MAVEN Project to expand access to care,” said Carolyn Ingram, executive director of The Molina Healthcare Charitable Foundation. “Though many California residents have access to primary care today, transportation, work schedules, language differences and other circumstances make obtaining specialty care an insurmountable challenge for many.”

Through the partnership, MAVEN Project will seek out free and charitable clinics and federally qualified health centers in the Central Valley area, Barstow in San Bernardino County, Eastern Coachella Valley in Riverside County, and Antelope Valley in Los Angeles County.

Among clinics affiliated with MAVEN Project nationwide, 97% of providers have noted that their consultations with expert physician volunteers have yielded knowledge that was applicable to other patients. And MAVEN Project is also reducing costs for patients by eliminating the need for unnecessary out-of-clinic specialty care referrals in nearly three out of four consultations

About The MolinaCares Accord

Established by Molina Healthcare, Inc., The MolinaCares Accord oversees a community investment platform created to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations by funding meaningful, measurable, and innovative programs and solutions that improve health, life, and living in local communities. The MolinaCares Accord funds such measures through The Molina Healthcare Charitable Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) established in 2020 by Molina Healthcare, Inc.

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