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At Generations Family Health Center, 56 physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, hygienists and behavioral health clinicians have been providing quality, compassionate care for nearly four decades. Situated in Eastern Connecticut with four locations, the Federally Qualified Health Center also has an extensive presence in local schools and other community locales.

Last year alone, clinicians at Generations served more than 18,000 patients. But their rural setting can make getting their patients needed specialty care challenging. Many have complex health needs that necessitate the expertise of specialists in endocrinology, cardiology, hematology and more.

And thanks to MAVEN Project’s expert physician volunteers, Generations’ patients get just that.

“MAVEN Project physicians offer more than just medical consultations,” shared Michael Steinmetz, (medical and dental operations director) at Generations Family Health Center. “They’re a real time resource that help our care providers make faster diagnoses and manage patients successfully either for the long-term or while they wait for a referral. We’re able to give better patient care overall thanks to the expertise of their volunteers.”

Most patients at Generations lack the insurance needed to access specialty care – even if it is feasible to travel there. Utilizing MAVEN Project is reducing barriers to quality care by helping to manage diseases they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

“Beyond consultations, MAVEN Project’s mentors and continuing education offerings are extremely valuable to our providers,” added Steinmetz. “This additional level of engagement is a great growth opportunity, especially for our newer physicians who appreciate the supplementary support.”

Care at Generations Family Health Center goes far beyond medical, to include dental services, behavioral health services, chiropractic care, infectious disease specialists, care coordination, and support services. Their team also helps patients who need assistance accessing insurance or obtaining durable health care equipment. And they have dedicated programs to help parents of children with disabilities navigate services for their child. Their comprehensive care is made even more impactful by their partnership with MAVEN Project.

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