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Even in one of the most densely populated regions of the country, underserved populations struggle to access specialty health care. The dedicated providers at Venice Family Clinic know this, and their high-quality, comprehensive medical care is benefiting from a partnership with MAVEN Project and their expert volunteer physicians.

What began as a small, free clinic more than 50 years ago, Venice Family Clinic has grown to serve more than 45,000 people last year alone. Their providers treat underserved individuals throughout Los Angeles County, particularly people who are undocumented or homeless. To aid as many as possible, Venice Family Clinic runs programs that support everything from addiction services, pediatrics and obstetrics, and community events to provide vaccines and health screenings, among many other things.

But their staff clinicians can’t do it all alone.

“Our mission to provide quality care for people in need is greatly enhanced through access to the specialty volunteers at MAVEN Project,” noted Kimberly Grueneisen, Associate Physician Diplomate at Venice Family Clinic. “Their advice, even on individual cases, is beneficial for all of our clinicians who can use their guidance on individual patients and then apply it to future cases.”

Whether they need direction on skin abnormalities from a dermatologist, feedback on bloodwork from a cardiologist, or opinions on unexplained joint swelling from a rheumatologist, MAVEN Project’s hundreds of volunteer specialty physicians are just a click away.

“There are times when our doctors are 95% confident about a diagnosis and treatment plan, but it’s great to have validation from the deep bench of experience at MAVEN Project,” Grueneisen added. “Patients avoid the cost and time associated with outside referrals and physicians are able to grow their knowledge base.”

Specialty consultations through MAVEN Project mean patients can stay in one place to manage their care. They can get care faster by avoiding long wait times to see a specialist, which alleviates both costs and worry for patients.

“The consultations we receive from MAVEN Project specialists are both thoughtful and customized,” added Rian Rutherford, family medicine doctor at Venice Family Clinic. “Even when I ask a simple question, I receive a deep explanation and instructions that are specific to my patients. Their level of experience is incomparable and the added confidence that brings is immeasurable.”

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