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CLINIC PARTNER SPOTLIGHT – Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

In the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California, Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (BVCHD) is providing high-quality health care to a mountain resort community with a myriad of challenges.

With services ranging from primary care and chiropractic to mental health and podiatry, BVCHD’s rural health clinics field roughly 22,000 visits annually. Nearly 80% of their patients are Medi-Cal eligible.

Now, thanks to a grant from The MolinaCares Accord, the skilled providers at BVCHD can rely on MAVEN Project’s expert volunteers. In the isolated community, accessing specialists has never been simple. Even though BVCHD brings in select specialty providers periodically, many patients need more immediate or regular care. Now that can be provided by their current health care providers with assistance from MAVEN Project.

“Having this additional resource is so helpful for patients who can’t get to specialists,” shared Joanne Merrill, CTC, Clinic Programs Coordinator at BVCHD. “Whether a patient is facing a long wait time to see a specialist or if they can’t get there at all, having access to consults is so helpful.”

Patients in the area must travel an hour – at the least – to reach most specialty care. Many in the region don’t have transportation and can’t rely on public transportation to get them up and down the mountain.

“Being able to consult with experts has really improved our quality of care,” added Marisa Wayt, Physician Assistant at BVCHD. “Having that reinforcement means we can address issues more quickly and even keep people out of the emergency room. Presented with a particular challenge, I can confirm what tests to proceed with, how to use unique medications and ensure the condition doesn’t progress further. And it’s so reassuring for patients to know that we’re consulting a highly qualified specialist.”

Many providers at BVCHD are also taking advantage of the frequent continued medical education opportunities from MAVEN Project.

“Recently I participated in a MAVEN Project webinar on pediatric dermatology,” shared Paul Kalfell, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at BVCHD. “The presentation was so specific and actionable. Not a few days later, a child visited the clinic with an unusual rash. And thanks to that webinar, I knew exactly how to proceed.”


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