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Years ago, Dr. Greenspan attended an informational MAVEN Project presentation while still working full-time. He thought the opportunity was interesting but didn’t feel he had the time.

Years later, when Dr. Greenspan moved to part-time practice, he resurrected the MAVEN Project brochure and decided to pursue the opportunity.

Now, after more than a year of volunteering with the MAVEN Project, Dr. Greenspan loves contributing to this worthwhile mission.

“The mission of MAVEN Project is superb,” Dr. Greenspan noted. “I love having the opportunity to help health care providers who find themselves wanting support. It’s such a worthwhile cause, and I can fit it easily into my part-time practice schedule.”

A pediatrician with more than four decades of experience, Dr. Greenspan is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and a Pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Most recently, in addition to his practice, he was Vice Chair of Pediatrics and Medical Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital.

With MAVEN Project, he’s helping frontline health care providers all over the country unpack pediatric issues in areas such as children’s growth patterns, developmental problems, asthma management and more. He loves to help providers understand both the why and the how of these young patient challenges, hoping to help providers enjoy their work and increase their effectiveness.

“I’ve always been interested in working with kids, ever since my first time working at a summer camp as a teen. So, pediatrics was a natural fit,” Dr. Greenspan added. “Most providers working in frontline clinics today aren’t well-prepared for many of the distinctive issues that crop up in pediatric patients. But they are extremely conscientious and hungry for information.”

Dr. Greenspan also serves as a mentor for many clinicians. He enjoys building that relationship and ensuring mentees have what they need to succeed. And it’s not something he’s new to. Throughout his decades-long career, he has mentored students, residents, and faculty in the areas of career development and leadership. His unique blend of clinical and leadership experience make him a great fit for all he does with MAVEN Project.

“I find this work deeply fulfilling,” he shared. “It’s a refreshing contrast to the rush of the office. I have time to really consider and research the issues so that I can provide the best information available. This is why I got into medicine in the first place.”

Today, Dr. Greenspan continues in part-time practice. Outside of medicine, he’s also actively involved in gun violence prevention groups and loves spending time with his six grandchildren.


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