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Dr. Paul Greif brings over four decades of experience in pulmonology, critical care, and sleep medicine to MAVEN Project, where he helps frontline providers navigate conditions ranging from pneumonia and COPD to sleep apnea and insomnia.

In one consult concerning a patient in Miami with a lung nodule, Dr. Greif slashed what would have been a six-month wait for specialty care to a matter of days.

Living in a metropolitan area with more physicians per capita is no guarantee of receiving specialty care, even when a patient’s need is dire. For those lacking insurance, their best chance of receiving any medical attention lies in safety net clinics, whose providers turn to MAVEN Project for rapid access to exceptional guidance on complex cases.

“There are so many medically underserved areas in this country—both rural and urban,” Dr. Greif emphasizes. “The need is enormous . . . Thankfully, MAVEN Project gives care providers an easy way to ask questions without jumping through hoops.”

In Dr. Greif, patients benefit not only from his extensive clinical practice but his pioneering leadership in the fields of pulmonology, critical care, and sleep medicine—and, notably, his deep empathy after experiencing sleep issues in his own children.

Dr. Greif has directed respiratory therapy departments, led pulmonary function and sleep laboratories, and supervised critical care fellows. He has held clinical appointments at renowned institutions from UCLA to Yale, served as president of the Minnesota Thoracic Society, and worked in private practice in Connecticut.

Following retirement, Dr. Greif continued to mentor Yale MD/PhD students in addition to safety net clinic providers through MAVEN Project. Though he is no longer in clinical practice, his unique expertise continues to inform critical care decisions for scores of patients in need.

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